Trapdoor, 2013
Synthetic fabric fragments, spider silk

H 2” x D 3.5” W x 5”

The Trapdoor Spider is one of the few creatures on earth considered to be a living fossil that evolved over 300 million years ago, remaining unchanged. In its natural habitat the trapdoor spider constructs an intricate burrow out of silk and found debris. A circular trapdoor at the mouth of the burrow acts as camouflage and is instrumental to the spider’s technique in trapping its prey.

In creating this piece, a female African Red Trapdoor Spider (Idiopid,Ctenolophus) was placed into a plexiglass enclosure filled with inorganic substrate that consisted of various synthetic fabric fragments. Unfazed by the foreign matter, the spider constructed a burrow complete with a trapdoor over the course of 8 days and was successful at trapping crickets that were introduced into the enclosure. After two months of residence the spider was relocated to an enclosure with natural substrate and the burrow structure was removed from the larger plexi enclosure. The final artifact is the isolated burrow that was created by the African Red Trapdoor Spider. 


Group Exhibitions

Hi Rez / Lo Rez - 2015, Flatiron Gallery New York

Naturally Hypernatural: Visions of Nature Conference - 2014, SVA New York

Semi Living -2013, SVA bioart Residency Exhibition New York